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The man with the mysterious horn
From Yemen Observer Newspaper (yobserver.com)

Reports The man with the mysterious horn By Hakim Almasmari Feb 13, 2007, 18:04

The first horn grew for twenty five years.

Saleh Talib Saleh used to dream that he would grow horns on his head. He dismissed them as mere fancy at first, but then, at the ripe old age of 78, a horn did indeed begin to grow on the left side of his head, astonishing his fellow villagers.

Saleh, a resident of Aídban district of the Shabwa governorate, claims that the horn started growing over 25 years ago. He has no explanation as to how the horn developed or why. However, a large medical team at the Aden Specialized Hospital believe that the horn was caused by multiplying layers of hardened, dried skin on Salehís head.

Eventually these layers piled up enough to become a horn. Saleh, 102, spoke to the Yemen Observer about the astonishing experience of growing horns on his head, beginning at the age of 77.

The first, he said, began growing some 25 years ago, and kept growing until it reached a length of half a meter. But that horn broke off one day last year. Eight days later, another horn started growing in the same spot as the first one. This horn is currently still growing on the left side of his head.

Can you explain to us on how this all started? Years ago, I had a dream showing me that horns would grow on my head. I did not take the dream seriously at first, as I considered it to be an abnormal dream that many people tend to have. Months later, I started seeing the same dream continuously and started to believe that the horns would eventually grow, but did not know when. One day, as I was touching the surface of my head, I felt a very thick and hard layer of substance on my head. At that time we didnít have the medical institutions like we have today, so I ignored it and did not focus too much on it because it didnít bother me at all. Every week, it seemed to grow bigger and harder. It started to show clearly after the first year, and kept on growing until it reached half a meter in length.


When it started growing, how did the people around you react? People around me were very shocked and could not believe their eyes, as it was something never imagined or seen before. People from my tribe started getting worried for me, and continuously asked if I was in pain or needed any assistance. However, in time people started getting used to the issue and understood that it was not bothering me and was just something Allah wanted to happen to show the people that he can do as he desires.

How did the first horn break? It was very difficult for me to watch out for it because we human beings move a lot, and when we sleep we move unconsciously. Gradually over time, due to its long length, it started getting weaker and I was expecting it to get damaged. When it broke I never thought that it would ever grow again, but just days later it started showing new signs of growth, and the horn I have today is the second one and not the first.

Though unsual, this man is grateful to God for this unique blessing.

Do your kids have any signs of having horns as well? No, not at all. This is something that Allah wrote for me and did not happen by birth. As I mentioned previously, I started seeing the horn on my head only 25 years ago, and after I reached the age of 77. This is not something that is spread through my ancestory, if it was, I would have been born with the horn.

Have you received visitors from around the country and abroad who come and see the miracle of a horn on a man? I have had hundreds of visitors who come from around the country and feel surprised and in awe when they see the greatness of God and his creation. They travel for hundreds of kilometers only to get a glance at the horn and ask questions about it. I have also received numerous visitors from gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. When they come, they cannot believe their eyes and when they touch the horn, they cannot believe that a man could have a horn growing on his head.

Had you heard of any similar cases throughout the world? No, I have done a lot of research and searched medical records of different health organizations around the world, and never has such a case been known to mankind. Usually when people hear about such a case, they tend to believe that it is unreal and fabricated, but my pictures prove that this case is true. I have no idea why Allah chose me, but I thank God for his mercy and show of greatness. I only say al-hamdu lillah.

Over the years have any world health organizations contacted you and asked for details for your unusual case? Surprisingly, no. I donít even think health organizations know that I have a horn. I try to avoid the media. And since the horn has been growing on my head, I have rarely contacted health organizations. However, if any health organization is willing to do research and studies concerning the horn, I am willing to cooperate. The prevalence of health organizations in Yemen is low, and Yemen has greater health problems to worry about. In my point of view, if my case was in the western world, it would be given greater publicity and studies would have delved deep enough to understand the reasons why the horn suddenly started to grow on a man after reaching the age of 90. Copyright (c) 2002 - 2006, Yemen Observer Newspaper

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