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Pay Per Click

   Google AdSense

AdSense delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages. You get paid when users click on AdWords ads displayed on your site.

You cannot run other text-based ads on the same pages as the Google AdWords ads. This rule applies only to ads that "mimic the look and feel" of AdSense. For example, Amazon.com affiliate links are O.K.

Pop-ups and pop-unders on the same pages as the Google AdWords ads are not allowed too.

Available text-based 468 x 60 banners, 120 x 600 skyscrapers, 728 x 90 leaderboards, and 300 x 250 inline rectangles. You can show only one ad unit per page.

$100.00 minimum payment. Affiliates are paid monthly, within 30 days of the end of month.

Besides English, AdSense publishers now have the option of placing their ad code on pages with content in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Currently effetive CPM of AdSense ads on my sites are over $2, with CTR around 1.2 %.

Accepts majority of sites without "excessive advertising".

  Affiliate Fuel

CPA (pay per sale/lead generation), and CPC (pa-per-click) advertising network. CPC offers are initially restricted and offered only to affiliates who have proven conversions through CPA placement.

By generating referrals, you earn a 2-tier 5% commission, as well as a bounty of $2.00/referral.

Sites must have a minimum of 2,000 unique visitors per day. Only accept sites from the USA or Canada. Payments are made NET60 with $50 minimum.



They will pay you to link any text links, pics, logos, and even your enter button. The surfers will be sent to web portal site ClickHereToFind.com.
Pays $0.02 per 12 hour unique click.
Minimum payment $20. US signups only.


Pay rates range from $.03 to $.20 per click depending on traffic. 2hr/unique.
The total payment is a combination of CPC and CPM amounts.
Payments are sent quarterly to members owed less than $100.00. Minimum 500 visitors daily. In the past cancelled many accounts without payment.


Standard Internet service. Get $.05 per click for graphic links and $.04 for text links.
5% commission on the earnings of every webmaster you refer. Commissions from various offers are combined into one check with a $25.00 minimum.


This program lets you add small pop up consoles to your pages or several topical links. When a person clicks on a link, he or she is taken to a page with many links. If the person clicks on any of the ensuing links, then you are paid.

The payment ranges from 6 cents to 20 cents depending on selected keywords (topic).
They also pay a 5% commission on the earnings of webmasters you've referred.

Commissions are paid monthly with a $25.00 minimum.
Standard Internet service (among All Clicks and PopupTraffic) so affiliates from many countries are not eligible.


About 5,000 of CPA, CPL, CPC and CPM offers. Many of their advertisers are guys with several bucks, so be wary.
Checks are paid monthly with no minimum.
5% commission on the earnings of every webmaster you refer, plus $10.00 for each referred advertiser.


Reliable affiliate network comprising of over 1000+ merchants and ten of thousands of affiliates across their three networks in the USA, UK and Australia.

CPA and CPC models. Get paid up to 10 cents per click.

ClixGalore has a monthly pay schedule and will mail you a check when your commission reaches US$50 or AUD$100 or UK?5 or ?60.

   Direct Response

Quality affiliate network offering a wide variety of lead and click campaigns to choose from for your website or newsletters.

Consolidated checks with $20 minimum are send 60 days after the close of the month.

Make 10% of all commissions earned by webmasters you refer.
Sites shall be written in English and receive a minimum of 3,000 unique page views per month.

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